The Health Benefits of Turnips

by Raw Diet Team on December 24, 2010

TurnipsThe Turnip holds a great number of nutritional benefits. It is highly rich in calcium, magnesium, folic acid and phosphor and thus essential for a healthy body. Turnips have low calories and no fat. A cup of turnips contain 36 calories. Thus regular consumption does not affect the physique. Turnips have high level of vitamin C and thus protect the body against free radicals. The anti-oxidant properties of turnips help in removing harsh oxidation reactions.

Turnips should be included in the raw food diet since it has high nutrient value and helps the body to fight several health ailments. It is found to have phytochemicals called zeaxanthin and lutein. People, who suffer from obesity, are advised to include turnips in their raw diet as they have lower calories. Turnips are also good for controlling high blood pressure. This essential root vegetable contains anti-cancer compounds and thus is required to be consumed to fight the risk of cancer of bladder, pancreas and stomach.

Regular consumption of turnips also helps in reducing the hypertension level. Risk of lung and cardiac diseases are reduced to a great extent by the intake of this root vegetable. Presence of a large amount of lutein in turnips also helps in preventing cataracts and cardiovascular ailments.

Being rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, Turnips is good for the overall well-being of human body.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and is also effective in treating the symptoms of asthma. High flavonoids in this vegetable make it a healthy food substance for those who wish to maintain the structure of capillaries.

Packed with essential vitamins, turnip greens are effective for reducing colon tumors and strengthening the immune system.

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