The Health Benefits of Tarragon

by Raw Diet Team on December 23, 2010

Fresh TarragonAlthough tarragon is used largely in cooking, it has strong medicinal values when included in raw food diet. It is highly beneficial for the digestive system. Not only helps to relieve stomach cramps but also helps in inducing appetite. People suffering from high blood pressure are also advised to use tarragon as research suggests this can help with normalizing the pressure.

Tarragon should be included in raw food diet by people who frequently complain of indigestion as consumption of this medicinally valuable product helps in the production of bile by the liver and this in turn helps in improving digestion. Intake of tarragon helps speed up the process of excretion of toxic wastes from the body.

While a single teaspoon of tarragon only has 2 calories, it comes packed with packed with about 70 known phytonutrients!

Having tea made with tarragon leaves can prove to be highly beneficial for people with stomach related ailments. Scientific research has also shown that root of tarragon is beneficial in reducing the toothache pain as it has elements that can make the mouth numb. Chewing fresh dried leaves will help in numbing the pain. Some traditions suggest that intestinal worms can also be removed from the body with the use of tarragon.

People, who suffer from sleep-related problem, can also use tarragon. It acts as a mild sedative and drinking a cup of tarragon tea can soothe the nerves and help in relaxing the mind and the body. Tarragon may also be taken if you suffer from irregular menstrual cycle as it has mild-menstruating properties. Tarragon is also found to be helpful in stopping hiccups. Drinking one cup of tea made with tarragon helps in calming the body.

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