The Health Benefits of Cabbage

by Raw Diet Team on December 27, 2010

CabbagesCabbage—a low calorie food is full of essential nutrients such as vitamin C (about 34 milligrams per cup), potassium, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B6 (which boosts energy metabolism as well as helping with concentration), manganese, calcium, folic acid  and magnesium is also one of the most alkaline vegetables you can eat.

This means this raw diet food is one of those vegetables we can rely on to help neutralize stomach acid. This works when you eat it either before or after meals by reducing hydrochloric acid production. Cabbage also kills all types of bacteria and many viruses, boosts the immune system and speeds up the ability of drugs like acetaminophen. Its high iron and sulfur content cleanses the stomach region and gastro intestinal tract.

All plants use the phytochemicals they naturally produce as a means of self-protection. Those who eat a raw food diet get the maximum benefit from these phytochemicals as well. The powerful compound cabbage is best known for is glucosinolates, a cancer fighter in the human body—especially colon, breast, prostate and lung. They work by helping the body to eliminate toxins and other harmful things that tend to accumulate.

While vegetables have a lot of dietary fiber cabbage contains insoluble fiber which humans cannot digest. This type of roughage though, does cause bulk within the intestinal tract and eases bowel movements when incorporated into a Raw Diet several times a week in serving sizes of at least 1½ -2 cups.

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