The Health Benefits of Arugula

by Raw Diet Team on January 2, 2011

ArugulaWhile most salad greens are low in calories, some do not give you the healthy dose of nutrients that arugula does. Having plenty of calcium, vitamins A, C, K and iron arugula is classified as a cruciferous vegetable akin to such raw food greats as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

Having a raw food diet made  up of mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds adds to the general health of a person, and cruciferous vegetables, in particular, are known to guard us against certain cancers. Some of its phytochemicals—sulforaphanes and glucosinolates, stimulate enzymes that can help rid toxins and potential carcinogens from the body. Carotenes—powerful antioxidants protect against cancer as well as heart disease, macular degeneration and damage from the sun.

Arugula in a Raw Diet Super Salad has great flavor. It is a slightly bitter combination of pepper and mustard making a salad quite aromatic. One of the pros of arugula—other than about 1 calorie per leaf, is its lower levels of oxalates, which is high in spinach and other greens packed with nutrients such as calcium. Oxalates retard the absorption of calcium and eating foods such as arugula ensures a greater amount of calcium as well as manganese, folic acid, copper, and potassium being absorbed into the body.

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